Take Two.


The first take is below, was short* and about to cut off 1 minute.
I read regular literature as well, I just went off on a tangent. lol..


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aziza 08/06/2008 17:31

Yay! A fellow Miamian. I could tell the moment you opened your mouth though. People from Miami talk different from people anywhere else. We seem to talk a little faster with emphasis on different words.

Imelda Matt 08/05/2008 07:33

LOL...you had me at the Dog Whisper...hands down my fav show that was made even better after the South Park parody!

Sorry I haven't commented for a couple of days, I've been bouncing between a reader and my blog roll and it's been messy!

Nita-Karoliina 08/05/2008 03:49

you are just amazing! that word says it all <3

♥ fashion chalet 08/04/2008 11:15

amilia thank you, glad you liked it. xx

cestmagique *blushes* aw, you are so sweet for checking it out and reporting back. <3