A Modern Day Fairytale

What fun I had frolicking about the scene during my younger brother's visit, the photographer behind this very set. Feeling sprite-like, I took it upon myself to pose waterside. As we neared the local theater, he snapped a few extra candids. (We saw "Rear Window" that day.) It was a warm, sunny afternoon filled with fluttering butterflies overhead and a near cloudless sky. I opted for a floaty, cotton frock, from none other than one of my usual haunts; forever 21. Leather flip flops, shining in all their aldo golden glory, adorned my feet. My belt? ...vintage. A colorful pair of shades, I dredged up from a pile at the urban outfitters' post, set the mood just right, with their cheerful golden hue. Ending the day on an even more positive note was my lucky tote, a vintage find I treasure, as it was handmade. ( ♥ ) Hope you are all enjoying the extra long weekend!!

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this is super cute! who does your foto's?