Cerulean Summer

I.. finally.. saw.. THE DARK KNIGHT!

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♥ fashion chalet 08/20/2008 21:00

anonymous/--tess Thank you, what a great compliment/comment!! ♥

Anonymous 08/20/2008 17:50

This little blue outfit epitomizes the idea of "Simply Chic". Clean lines, great color, simple accessories....It's so easy to overdo, yet you seem to know just when to stop! --Tess

myriam 08/14/2008 12:34

What a cute little outfit: ) Thank your for your sweet comment hihi

1234 08/13/2008 00:12

ohh this outfit is so cute, i love it!

A la Femme 08/07/2008 01:07

You look great, I especially love the shoes!!