(8.18) End of Summer / Muse Board

I thought to myself, with summer coming to an end, why not tie in some of the best parts into a Collage? I know many of you aren't looking forward to having to go back to school again (my younger brother included!) Which is why I decided to make this little inspirational "gift" for all of you, my readers, as you head back into classes. From Heath Ledger and Christian Bale; for their impeccable acting and outrageous summer box office sales of "The Dark Knight," to worn in denim street style, fun club pieces, and Runway model garb that surely inspired this Summer. Hopefully this "Muse Board" will inspire you as you get back into school form and have you coming back to my blog for more.

Photo Sources: knightcat, tfs, handitover, the cobrasnake

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sydneydoll 09/19/2008 23:21

i love the collages.

Ella 08/22/2008 13:50

Nice mood board! (love the blog)

autumn 08/21/2008 14:59

i hate myself. i always run out of good words to describe your coolage. =[ but it's really, definitely, absolutely good. lol.

glad to know we're both Virgos. my bday is on sept. 19th. =]

belle.chantelle 08/20/2008 11:19

We think alike darling.

Nicole 08/19/2008 14:49

Just got your comment on my blog - yes, I am seanutbutter on tFS! I don't believe we are friends yet, so if you don't mind I've just added you there. :) Thanks for the nice comment on my avatars, too!