You've got to Make your Own Kind of Music ♪ ♫

Nobody can tell ya... there's only one song worth singing.
They may try and sell ya...... cause it hangs them up to see
someone like you, but you've gotta make your own... ♫

even.. if.. nobody.. else.. sings.. along.......... ♫

dress: louie bluebird. sandals: ? leather. headband: aa.

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tokyobanhbao 07/28/2008 16:39

you look so pretty et fresh.. i just discovered your blog thanks to flickr!see ya

bailey hart 07/25/2008 12:12

so cute, so hippie dippie cool, i so love that kind of clothing, very cute smiles too.

angeline 07/20/2008 18:47

awe, i have never seen you smile like that! you look beautiful!

Nancy 07/20/2008 04:45

Aww I wish there was a close-up on the pattern on the dress!! :( It's gorgeous nonetheless. The color of the AA headband is endearingly funky <3

♥ Marta ♥ 07/20/2008 02:31

so cute ... I've been looking for a similar flowy dress, but no luck.