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My list of six "insignificant" facts:
(1) I used to take Gymnastics.
(2) I like to dance in my room with my iPod on.
(3) Mocha Marshmallow is my favorite non-dairy creamer (by International Delight!)
(4) I took 4 years of French in high school, and got straight A's.
(5) I love chocolate croissants.
(6) I have never been to NYC. At least not, yet.

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Obat raja singa 12/17/2014 08:31

love this outfit... so much!

07/14/2008 12:32

VikusiaThankfully, MySpace brought you to my blog. Again, thanks for the SUPER amazing comments. :) Speaking of chocolate croissants, my Mom made 2 for me this weekend and they are sitting in my freezer right now. I think i will skip lunch and have those instead! ;) PS: Dancing alone is so fun for some reason, late at night.. lol. :P

Vikusia 07/14/2008 12:20

hehehehe....i love chocolate croissants too!!!....1 min and i demolish it!....ha!...and i always dance in my room as well!...everyday!:))
love ur 'ign...'ignnn...no, 'insignificant' facts!lol...very nice idea to introduce urself! welldone sweety:))xoxo