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Tagged by the sweet girl over at fashioncloset911
5 songs on Rotation at the moment..
I'm tagging: Ida, Wendy, annabanana, sunniva and Laurel.

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07/08/2008 08:40

virgina yes :) I'm sure you will like them

virginia wolffe 07/05/2008 18:02

I must hear them :)

* Fashion Dreamer * 07/03/2008 16:17

I love that MIA song, she's amazing

Ida 07/02/2008 15:28

Thank you for tagging me, lovely! Hope you're well.


we wear things 07/02/2008 14:33

thanks for the link add and stopping by! we added you to our list of blogs too! and Yay we DO have the same shoes.. and i'm wearing them right now!