Strawberry Fields Forever

t: DIY; vintage Levi's; aldo; vintage bag; mixed jewelry; f21 scarf

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♥ fashion chalet 07/18/2008 15:37

nice comment, Jax. lol i didn't even think of that :D thank you!!

Jax. 07/18/2008 15:28

more like your legs go on FOREVER and a day ;)

Ashleigh 07/16/2008 12:16

Luvin' the shorts...they look great on you -esp with the heels..I say Rock 'em more!! =)

Elouise 07/14/2008 07:49

love that bag <3

07/13/2008 19:23

Vikusia Thanks for stopping by to comment. :) Yes, I only walk I cannot dance in those shoes... too tall and it would be very uncomfortable (unless it's a slow song ~haha!) Thanks for the extra sweet comments, dear. xx