A Simple Story

dress: vintage scarf+bracelet: gift from my mom heels: target

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07/13/2008 19:24

Vikusia You are so cute. Thanks for this wonderful comment. So glad you liked this post. ♥ Again, thank you for commenting. :)

Vikusia 07/13/2008 13:48

omg!!!..i really love wat u did in 'A SIMPLE STORY'!!!....wow...that blue umbrella just lovely!...and i like u made each pic for a bracelet, shoes, glasses, scarf...really looks sooo professional!..u really love it, girl:)...wish u good luck in everything u do:))
love u xx

kitty kate 07/08/2008 01:53


Whitney 07/06/2008 14:18

awesome photos...the dress is so cute and the shoes look fabulous with that outfit!

07/05/2008 18:22

janet h. nope, all with timer, believe it or not. thank you so much for taking the time to comment. have a blog?