I miss this Britney..



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tokyobanhbao 07/28/2008 16:53

i miss This britney too... she was such a good performer and dancer.... nostalgy!!...

Adiel 07/25/2008 19:22

I am so with you on this one!

angeline 07/20/2008 18:47

omg, i know how you feel.

i get chills when i watch old brit

Bostonista 07/17/2008 10:59

I do too! I pretty much worshipped her for a long time and thought she was so cool and stylish and perfect.
She was never stylish and okay she was always dorky but she was kinda the perfect pop star and I loved her.

Dapper Kid 07/17/2008 09:59

*sigh* I just want to give her hug and make all the photographers vanish so she can actually recover for her kids!