Blazer Blues : 7-15.

It's been a constant downpour over the course of the last 3 days.

Boo! Sleepless nights of thunder + lightning mixed with wet early
mornings and puddle hopping. Not very fun. Hopefully tomorrow
will brighten up some??? I want the Sun. Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!

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Obat kutil kelamin 01/18/2015 15:33

You rock the casual chic look m'dear x

Jaymall14 04/20/2011 17:10

Your shoes are sexy XD

♥ fashion chalet 07/18/2008 15:34

thank you, Jill

Jill 07/18/2008 15:24

:o) so cute
love, Jill.

styleexpress 07/18/2008 06:18

very cute outfit