Wishing Everyone a Great Weekend!

See you when I get back from my Mom/ Dad's
(Beach BBQ!) this Sun. night ♥
Treat your Dad well! :)
Thank you for your
ever so lovely comments.

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Ariella 06/15/2008 20:24

Oh, I hope you have a good time!

I was wondering if you'd like to swap links?

Jen (MahaloFashion) 06/15/2008 19:24

I'm glad, you have great style!

06/15/2008 18:34

thanks everyone! the BBQ went great, luckily, cause the weather seemed sorta stormy at first but then the wind died down and the sun came back out. We had hamburgers and chicken marinated in Teriyaki & barbecue sauces and a yummy carrot/pineapple salad that my Mom made. Along with the typical potato chips and watermelon salad. My Dad loved his gifts and cards. And we even rescued a baby bird who fell out of his tree, poor little guy, we carried him back up to his nest. We named him, Patrick.

Isabelle 06/15/2008 16:02

have fun!

you totally rock those aldo heels, btw. :)

Oasis Enterprises 06/15/2008 14:24

Thanks, hope you enjoy yours as well :)