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Tagged by the sweet Michelle of Neon Stilettos

5 Things Found in my Purse
- wallet
- keys
- pink RAZR
- bonne bell lipgloss
- spearmint gum

5 Things Found in my Wallet

- credit cards
- debit card
- cash
- license
- photos of my family

5 Things Found in my Room

- books
- cd’s
- stereo
- TV & DVD player
- magazines

5 Things I’ve always wanted to do
- travel all of Europe
- purchase a Yacht
- Shop in Paris
- Go to New York City!!
- Surfing in Hawaii

5 Things I’m currently into

- Blogging
- Tennis
- Shopping for shoes
- Collecting obscure artists
- Selling Vintage

5 Impressions of my Tagger

- Sweet
- Creative
- Loves heels (stilettos)
- a fan of Red lipstick
- great at applying eyeliner

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I was tagged by the ever so lovely SharonRose

7 Songs for Spring.

Mansard Roof Vampire Weekend

Leave Me Alone Two Hours Traffic

Can't Get Over You September

I'm in Peace Justin Nozuka

Les Femmes Yelle

Tahiti Bat for Lashes

Low Tech-Lady Ana Serrano van der Laan

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Erika you seem like a great person! I love tenis, and love Europe too.

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U r very beautiful an would love to no u ok copcake