Stormy Weather ahead, yet surprisingly fun!

Although, it started with a stormy afternoon, we had a fun morning at the beach, then the afternoon looking at furniture for our apartment and an evening spent dining at CPK before walking around the shops like M•A•C ----- *I definitely recommend the grilled vegetarian sandwich and Sedona Tortilla soup*

jacket: Sele
tank: tommy hilfiger
capris: unknown, old from hs
flats: unknown, gift
bag: vintage

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winnie It is pretty big I was impressed. I'm so glad they finally opened these new shops.

gloria thanks for stopping by & for your sweet comments! :) I'm glad I threw on that little jacket, it got cold after the rain....

jillian thanks, seems everyone is into the yellow, I'm glad it was second attempt (almost left in a white tee instead..)

ariella you're welcome. thank you ♥ .. yep this bag looks small but it actually has 3 compartments and it's long strap makes it fun to carry around stuff in.. ;)
Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog :)

I really like your bag as well! It looks perfect for carrying lots of things around.
loving the yellow shirt u have underneath!
you dressed well for stormy weather! The cropped coat's ace.
Oh I adore MAC, that store looks huge!!