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The idea of adding a smattering of color in the likes of glitzy gold accents, PEACE symbols and peacock blue turquoise, to an otherwise basic set
of black, blue and dark denim, excites me to no end. I also really love the idea of pairing gladiator sandals with ultra-short shorts and a slouchy leather woven Miu Miu bag. The gorgeous apple red Rayban wayfarers
and studded accents complete the look.

And what could be a better choice for summer reading than the infamous Skinny Bitch (which I have already read 3 times!!!)

*please credit me: if used elsewhere. Thank you! ♥

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fashion* CHALET 06/05/2008 13:48

^ same here, I need to find a new job (I'm temporarily at home studying) but once I do, I will most probably splurge again (shh!) it's bad this addiction, huh?

kitty kate 06/05/2008 13:17

i love all these trends. i feel the same way ....i have to have everything i see. i'm completely depleating my bank account on clothes....and accessories.

fashion* CHALET 06/04/2008 08:44

^ definitely the way they write is pretty funny too, I found the entire read entertaining! :)

ps: thank you ♥

Mary-Laure 06/04/2008 08:27

Beautiful selection.
I hadn't heard about that book, but the title made me laugh out loud. I'll check it out!

fashion* CHALET 06/04/2008 08:05

pockets full of posies
1) thanks I love the skirts too but wasn't sure what others thought :)
2)thank you again, if you're not the sweetest as you say you sure seem sweet to me by your comments, so thank you very much!! :) 3) great day back at you! :) 4)thank you!! :)

crista :) I feel honored!! &Hearts; Thanks for the tag, I will check it out. I was a vegetarian for about a week.. lol. I like chicken and fish too much. But I have started eating healthier, no more fast food for me or greasy fried stuff (except on that rare occasion) oh yeah and no soda either.. just h2O...