Parisian Chic.

fruit of the loom (tank), the limited (skirt)
Ferragamo (flats), bag (vintage)

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Blonde hair, Blue jeans 06/12/2008 12:10

great look!!

and really nice header! =)

Kasix 06/12/2008 09:08

I love that bag !

06/11/2008 11:47

i love your bag and your high-waisted skirt. i need one like that! The look looks so effortless and chic yet it looks like you put a lot of thought into it!

vogued out!!! 06/10/2008 13:58

This outfit is very refreshing. I love how you paired the simple, already chic, black and white outfit with the red bag.

emma 06/08/2008 15:34

love it, very classy