inspiration from all over.

Thanks for inspiring me! xx

Many of the photographs were taken
from various lovely blogs such as:
ida, michaela, rumi, knightcat,
cupcakes and cashmere,
silje, rodelle, Divinitus (tFS),
emma, erika
and because i'm addicted.

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Mademoiselle Bariolée 06/16/2008 07:51

a really nice inspiration :)

Bedroom Talk 06/15/2008 03:45

ahhh inspirations are the best and how can you not have fun recreating them and putting your own twist on it!

Laurel 06/13/2008 18:51

AHHHH! I'm totally excited about this! I saved it on my computer to show la mia mamma, she'll love this. Thank you for including me, babe! xo

Siljesfashion 06/13/2008 16:27

Thank you so much! Honored to be her!

emma 06/13/2008 16:14

i see me!! :)