Inspiration Board: June

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fashion* CHALET 06/06/2008 18:45

thank you ^ it's actually with PhotoShop though :) I'm addicted to it (and also to Polyvore.) :)

Material Girl 06/06/2008 15:13

Ooooooh, you are a polyvore expert...I never thought to use it as an inspiration board tool! GENIUS. I'm constantly sticking up torn-up magazine pages around my desk, and my coworkers think it's highly amusing. This would be much more efficient, plus ever so much more bloggable. niiiice.

fashion* CHALET 06/06/2008 10:00

^ thanks, I always find myself enthralled by those 3 girls' style

Shaz 06/05/2008 19:58

i love how you have mischa barton, sienna miller and nicole richie as your inspirations this month, because they do dress great

Sharon Rose 06/05/2008 10:53

Yay-chic and stylish-good job well done!!