down the rabbit hole!

Mischa looks beautiful as she seems to be channeling
Alice in Wonderland

Much to my excitement, I'm just loving everything about this look; from her sequined headband down to her ultra studded Mary Janes (by Christian Louboutin) even her lace adorned dress with butterfly wings is something to be coveted.

Way to go, Mischa!

I'm extremely impressed with the daintiness of it all.

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obat kencing nanah 01/18/2015 16:57

Annabel 06/12/2008 08:35

the chanel bag was the best part, so Mischa, though i'd love her dress.
great blog! want to swap links?

The Vancouverista 06/11/2008 17:05

ooooh! I love this too!

Vain and Vapid 06/09/2008 18:25

I lover Giambatista Valli dress too!

sophia247 06/09/2008 16:35

Me 2! Wow she looks so pretty, & I would just die for that dress!