Check Out My Store.

I realized that I tend to find really fun items in my own closet as well as in Vintage shops and thought to myself, "why not start my own store?" I will keep an eye out as I continue to collect more items to add to the store, from up-to-the-minute trends to back-to-basics simple classic statement pieces...
This Audrey dress is for sale here

For now feel free to check out what I have up so far. Click photo.

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Fashion Is Poison 06/18/2008 21:07


Ashley L. 06/18/2008 16:08

i absolutely love your blog header! beautiful! wonderful blog! :)

Nita-Karoliina 06/18/2008 12:23

you look great in this pic. like a movie star!

carrie / wishwishwish 06/18/2008 12:14

really good idea! hope it goes well for you! i wish i had the time for a store!

chances 06/18/2008 10:34

Fabulous look very chic and classy! Thanks for stopping by my blog,your comments were very sweet. Yes I'm addicted to shoes.