Pink Martinis

dress: Vintage
flats: Report
satin ribbon belt: homemade

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Kasix 06/03/2008 15:37

ooohh! i sooo want that dress! haha, you look adorable :D

fashion* CHALET 05/28/2008 13:52

no you wouldn't you're too cute
thanks for the compliment, girl! :)

pammish 05/28/2008 04:41

hey i actually love how u pulled this bright pink dress! :) looks good on you.. if that was me, id look stupid! hehehe

fashion* CHALET 05/21/2008 18:55

thanks!! :) I love pink, it's so fun ;)

Jen (MahaloFashion) 05/21/2008 18:20

You look great in pink it's truly your color.