I ♥ Chinese food!!

tank: Old Navy

bermudas: J. Crew

flip flops: Target

bag: gifted

There's nothing better than Chinese food
for lunch after a long day at the beach!

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fashion* CHALET 05/21/2008 11:59

Thanks for commenting, Cate. What's your fave dish? We had sweet honey chicken and tofu rice. YUM! :)

Cate 05/21/2008 11:50

i love chinese food too! and you're so lucky that you can go to the beach... i love the beach too

fashion* CHALET 05/21/2008 11:13

times of glory Thank you. I wanted something light and "airy" to wear, after being out in the sun all day. PS: The food was delicious! ;)

sharon rose Thank you! :) We were in town for the weekend visiting my Grandmother, so after the beach we definitely had our mind set on local Chinese food that is super yummy there. ♥

culture creators I will. :)

Thanks for commenting my top, so sweetly, wendy, sarah, valentine !! :)

valentine 05/21/2008 07:57

thank you for your comments

your t-shirt is pretty

Bye (L)

Sharon Rose 05/21/2008 01:56

Lucky girl-I wish my daily itinerary was like this!! I love chinese food and the beach-excellent combo!