Strawberry Daiquiri.

top: Victoria's Secret
denim shorts: cut-offs I made myself from some
old stretchy jeans that got baggy on me..
sandals: unknown.
tote: Louis Vuitton.
bangles: plastic .

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aficionada 04/21/2008 20:56

:D thanks, pink is so fun ^

Fashion Ivy 04/21/2008 20:13

i like the colour of the top

aficionada 04/21/2008 17:17

^ Thanks, great idea actually! :D

Zoë 04/21/2008 17:04

cute outfit! great for the beach!

aficionada 04/21/2008 15:16

rich hippie thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm honored. I love yours too! by the way cute posting name, love it. ♥