She's Classic.

Black Skinnies with Flats. Obsession du Jour!
Nicky Hilton does is perfectly. She is always flawless no matter what!
photos from: CelebrityStyleGuide; Collage, my own work. *Credit.

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Fashion Ivy 04/06/2008 20:01

She does dress way better than her sister.

aficionada 04/02/2008 21:58

hers are like a stretchy cotton but i really really want some black skinny jeans with ankle-zippers, like the tsubi ones. holler at me if you find some affordable ones.. ;) ♥

Jillian 04/02/2008 20:45

i'm really not a big fan of nikky hilton, but she does look great in those jeans! gotta get me some skinny black tusbi's!