The Hills: Eye Opening Fun.

Drama, Drama, Drama.
Oh yeah, and the fashion!
LOVE the looks of these four below...

Lauren Conrad
Stephanie Pratt

Lauren ('Lo') Bosworth

Whitney Port

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ApolloniaFashion 05/13/2008 20:24

i love love love the hills!!
especially lauren....hope the new episodes will be on tv soon in germany!!

aficionada 04/23/2008 12:21

lol yeah I do notice that LOL ^

JuliAM 04/23/2008 11:42

the hills is totally a guilty pleasure...although has anyone else noticed how l.c. is always sticking her tongue out between her teeth...i know she thinks its 'adorable' and all, but now that i've picked up on the frequency, it is seriously driving me insane lol

Jello on Springs 04/22/2008 21:22

i don't really watch the hills but i like lauren's peach knitted beret and stephanie's braided headband, quite nice.

aficionada 04/22/2008 16:28

Her best friend Lauren (Lo) who is also on the show. I love the hat too! ♥