All The Rage? Name Tees!

Having a famous face plastered onto your tee or a witty slogan seems to be all the RAGE right now. Even Mary Kate Olsen is in on it. And we all know if MK is in on it, then it must be the chic thing to do! I am loving all of the Kate Moss related ones best.

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Thanks, I'd be honored. I just checked out your blog and really liked it. So, I am linking you as well. =) I agree, Agyness Deyn wears such awesome stuff. I really want the Kate Moss is Boss tee! :P
I'm seeing tons of those everywhere. I love them-especially on Agyness Deyn! I think 70's is going to be the next big trend though.
I love your blog by the way, is it ok with you if I link it?