Down to earth, flawless style and quirky ad-campaigns.
She is the "It" model of the moment in my book!
Can't get enough of her baby blues, street style and funky flats.
She's my blonde model favorite.

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addicted 03/06/2008 18:01

i heart jessica stam!

aficionada 03/05/2008 19:15

you're welcome
gotta love STAM! ;)

hannah 03/05/2008 10:37

wonderful post. she is great, she had that special something.

thanks for the link!

aficionada 03/04/2008 22:39

i know DJ AM is so eww LOL!

discothequechic 03/04/2008 20:13

oh, she is a cutie.
i always just chuckle to myself when I think that she dated DJ AM.

Unlikely couple!