LOUiS LOU i ...

sweater: Vintage Dior..
tee: Hanes
denim: Bartack
flats: Aldo
bag: Louis Vuitton; Papillon

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obat kencing nanah 01/18/2015 17:03


aficionada 03/16/2008 17:20

^ thanks, sweetie! =)

Elle 03/16/2008 12:50

ah love your header and your jeans! the cardigan's a little big for me but it's still very cute.

yep i'll definitely link you right now!

Libbi xx 03/16/2008 08:53

Love ur bag, Ur so lucky 2 have one!

aficionada 03/15/2008 18:00

thanks girls. you're the best! :) yeah my grandmother gave me that bag, jillian! ;) i love her!!