London ROCKS!

London Ingénue: 18 year old Daisy Lowe; daughter to Bush front man, Gavin Rossdale and fashion designer, Pearl Lowe. With parents like these it’s no wonder she’s got style oozing from all sides. She rocks combat boots with neon socks laced sky high up her thighs. Pairs tights in electric colors with tweed miniskirts and dons more leather than a rock band on tour. She wears black on black better that most, in a way that both inspires and intrigues me. Part model, part It Girl, and part Scandalous; she isn’t going away anytime soon. Let the British Invasion begin!

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aficionada 04/13/2008 19:34

Yay! I will check it out. Thank U! ♥

Fashion Intelligentsia 04/12/2008 17:03

Love the collage. I am going to post the rest of her spread today on Fashion Intelligentsia. Something to add to the collection!

aficionada 04/10/2008 16:58

Who know a prodigy like this would be related to (although distant) to the equally cool Gwen Stefani?? =)