I Love MTV!

I love MTV! ... for creating
The Hills.
I'm a HUGE, HUGE fan of the show!

I always saw something 'special' in Lauren
even way back on Laguna; she had credibility.

sources: laguna lovers, inf, jared & tfs.

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Obat kutil kelamin 01/18/2015 15:32

You rock the casual chic look m'dear x

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aficionada 04/17/2008 11:19

^ wow~ that is so cool & so lucky. what was she wearing?? =) she seems like a sweet person. how tall is she?

ps: I'm 25 and obsessed with the show, major! ;)

Diabolina 04/16/2008 18:40

my name is diabolina, i am 30 years OLD and obsessed with the hills.

so i saw lc at whole foods this past sunday. she was tiny!!! very very pretty sparkly face. not wearing anything special tho i did love her hair was in a front braid. if my boyfriend would have been there i am pretty sure i would have gone up to her ;)