Hilton Addiction.

I can't think of anybody who does effortless chic/casual better than Nicky Hilton. I'm always floored by her subtle accents and choices. She is able to mix up what would on anybody else look like a rather humdrum, casual look ----except on her it stands out! She makes it work.
I applaud Nicky Hilton for her amazing stylistic choices!

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aficionada 03/09/2008 13:09

thanks :)

hannah 03/09/2008 09:52

i do love her style. simple, but chic. i did a post on her awhile back, but you did better than me! great photos.

aficionada 03/07/2008 15:15

a gazillion GAZILLION times!! lol ;)

Live Fabulously 03/07/2008 14:59

yeah she's a gazillion times beter than her sister