a few of my favourites...

From a cup of Starbucks coffee (sugar-free* cinnamon dolce latte, no whip!) to lipgloss straight from The House of Chanel.. I'm there for it.

I really love black eyeliner, messy bed-head hair, floral fragrances, pretty dresses and skirts, Audrey Hepburn-like flats, Valentine Fillol-Cordier, stick-straight hair, shimmery gloss, coffee, chocolate (especially Dove!) backstage models, Taylor Warren, Hollywood It-Girls, Celebutantes and Socialites, "chick-flicks", salacious gossip, "girly" reading, manis and pedis, ice cream sundaes, vanilla cupcakes, brownies, spinach salads, facials, spa treatments, mindless shopping, Blair Waldorf and flowers in my hair....

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aficionada 03/21/2008 21:51

wow so many nice comments. thanks you guys!! i love making lists of things "i like" whenever i get bored haha. so thought it might make for a fun blog post!

live_fabulously aren't cupcakes yummy? my friends joke that i eat cupcakes as a diet to get skinny cause they don't understand how i don't gain the weight LOL....

millicent- "bed head" hair is so MK and so Sienna, very "effortless chic" I call it. I love it!! ♥

bocadelobo - thanks I made my quote up myself and it's true, that is how I see it! ;)

Bocadelobo 03/21/2008 16:48

i'm agree about ur sentence
it's not about clothing it's a life style
reminds me something from coco chanel and ysl

millicent 03/21/2008 13:27

we like a lot of the same things, namely the bed head hair thing haha

Live Fabulously 03/21/2008 12:16

i love all those things you listed, too! now i'm craving cupcakes. haha

aficionada 03/21/2008 11:29

^ aren't flowers awesome?

fashion ivy, i can make you one if you like for your blog? ;)