Bird is the Word!

On this Windy Saturday afternoon,
I decided to hit the beach and the Pier for some opportune photography!

A photo of my Grandmother's beloved new Poodle 'puppy,' Brownie.

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Obat kutil kelamin 01/18/2015 16:33

brunettes do look good in hats for some reason and you looks way better in it than Rachel, seriously

Obat raja singa 12/17/2014 08:39

6 years ago

Cara mengobati kutil kelamin 12/17/2014 08:39

6 years ago

aficionada 03/11/2008 21:10

thanks, i think it's cool, i love animals (and birds!) too ;)

Jillian 03/11/2008 10:15

i LOVE birds haha they're soo goofy
i'm a huge animal lover i want like a full zoo in my house! i have a list of pets i want... pretty sad