{Models} Back Talk !

There’s a certain thrill in getting a chance to peek at what goes on with the models pre- and post show. From what clothing styles they choose to wear off the runway, to what they do while waiting for their cue to go on. They are much more down to earth than most people may think. They like to read, listen to their iPods, laugh and gossip with their friends, and even have a healthy snack or two; apples, café lattes and granola mix seem to be common backstage favorites.

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aficionada 03/11/2008 21:08

aw, thank you Jillian!! :D

Jillian 03/11/2008 10:11

your blog just gets better and better! you said it best! it's so interesting to actaully see what models have to say!

LOVE that pic of natasha poly! great post!!