You Know you Love B!

Muse Worthy: Bridget Helene!
effortless chic!

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Obat kutil kelamin 01/18/2015 16:05

You rock the casual chic look m'dear x

aficionada 02/05/2008 19:18

i adored her on the fashionista diaries, which is why I just *had* to start something about her in my blog ;) glad you all enjoyed it! :)

Melanie 02/05/2008 18:15

I love her style and how each photo shows a different type of fashion trend. Which to me means she is very creative and open for trying the not so "norm" look. What also shows is her confidence in each picture, which to me makes any outfit stand out. Good Job and look forward to seeing further picture of you:)

Rachel constance 01/23/2008 13:24

Such Great Pictures!!! Didn't know she was a Tennessee Fan! That is SO cool! I would have never thought! UT sports are the so much fun... It only made me so much more envious of her!!! She seems to have so many great qualities.

kissy 01/20/2008 01:35

I found her on another site too. But this one has more pics. I AM IN LOVE WITH THAT GREEN DRAPED DRESS. Also the big rings. thank you for the post.