A Princess finds her Prince!

pre-wedding dress: Jessica McClintock.
wedding dress: Oleg Cassini.
heels: Manolo Blahnik.
earrings: Tiffany&co.;
tiara: Swarovski

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Natalie 02/15/2011 11:27

When did this happened?
I had no idea you were married!

Congrats by the way :)

Anonymous 02/14/2011 23:12

gorgeous photo, and you look stunning!

Violet 08/10/2009 18:32

i know this is so many months late but you were goregous girl.... that dress was WOW.. do you sometimes put it on ??

Vi from Cali

Talk Pretty To Me 05/27/2009 09:35

What a beautiful dress! You look absolutely stunning darling and your just glowing. So happy you found love. Cannot wait for the day I get married (seriously giddy), BUT that's off in the very distant future ha ha. :)



prettygirl10787 08/28/2008 11:04

Oh my gawd, you look beauuuuutiful!!! And the two of you make a great couple, love the "James Bond" pose of you two outside, and the kiss at the table :)