Chanel Soothes The Soul...

Bag: Vintage Chanel. Shoes: Chloe-inspired. Leggings: Danskin. Sweater: Barneys New York. Sunglasses: Chanel.

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Obat kutil kelamin 01/18/2015 16:34

brunettes do look good in hats for some reason and you looks way better in it than Rachel, seriously

Young Damsel 06/27/2009 23:35

wanted to do the same at "katemossfan"! hehe! and looking fab as always!

♥ fashion chalet 06/09/2009 21:28

aw my 1st comment on my 1st post ;) thanks honey! :)


KateMossFan 06/09/2009 13:42

Hi! I wanted to comment on your first ever post...
Lookin' pretty in all black!