10 Truths: About Moi.

1 I secretly enjoy playing games like VMK and the Sims.

2 I detest clearance racks that look excruciatingly 'picked over'.

3 Loud people ANNOY me!!!!!

4 I love singing in the car with the windows down, radio full blast.

5 Juicy Couture is still my favorite lounge wear.

6 I am obsessed with shoes, that I even buy ones I don't wear (just to "have" them) but not ruin them...

7 I can never have enough pairs of jeans..... same goes with hooded sweatshirts & jackets...

8 Small boutiques are where I find some of the best stuff.

9 Mocha Lattes are my specialty breakfast drink; I make them myself at home all of the time.

10 I rather have a smoothie or a fruit drink than eat fast food anything.

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